• Pause Game:                              P
  • Movement:                                 ASDW
  • Up/Down:                                  Space and CTRL
  • Buy  /Place / Edit Blood Cell:  Right Mouse Button
  • Look around:                             Mouse


It is basically Tower Defence game. Protect your spleen from deadly viruses.

Information: Highscore submission doesn't work properyl on WebGL and Mouse input may lag a bit. Use Windows / Linux Builds for a better experience.


Download 67 MB
Download 69 MB


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Like the trip!! also cute sounds :D


This is great.  Love the super trippy artwork.  A very unique idea that I think could be a lot of fun with a little polish.


ntd 23926! Looking through the creepy eyes, I sat through and finished the game only letting one pesky virus hit the spleen! Wonderful game :)


Nice game. Idea is pretty good and art work is very nice. Keep it UP! :)

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I really love this game. It’s thematic with both the jam and with life in 2021, it’s trippy, difficult but satisfying, please keep working on this, I would love to see this polished up and turned into some kind of release! Right now I’m #4 on the leaderboards I think? Can’t tell if I’m reading it right. Come at me bros.

Here’s my game if you’d like to give it a play.

Thank you 😁


I couldn't enter my name for some reason but I got 10057 points.

Nice game. keep up the good work!

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Thank you for playing!

That trxtfield is broken in the webbuild, it works in the downloads

cool game!

Thanks for playing :D

does different colors matter?

Yes they do ;-)



blue spheres on the virus have to killed with blue bullets ;-)

wait so its impossible to kill a virus unless you have every color?


You just have to shoot all colors attached to one virus